[squid-users] Squid downloading same files many times?

From: Elvar <elvar_at_elvar.org>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 15:46:24 -0600


Recently I discovered that one of my clients' bonded T1 links to the
internet was getting maxed out for up to an hour at a time. After doing
some research and using Sawmill to generate some usage statistics on the
user surfing activity, I found that some users were downloading 1.5 gigs
worth of Adobe Reader and other various downloads. Adobe Reader is
obviously not that large and I know the user would just keep downloading
it over and over on purpose. I'm wondering if somehow Squid is
repeatedly downloading these files and if so, why? I've had squid
running at this place for a long time and I've never seen anything like
this. It's a real problem though because when it happens, the bandwidth
is just leveled.

The exact URL which was being accessed the most recent time is
http://ardownload.adobe.com/pub/adobe/re ‚Äč
ader/win/8.x/8.1.3/enu/AdbeRdr813_en_US.msi <javascript:;> .

Is anyone else experiencing something like this lately?

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