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From: Gregori Parker <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 09:18:48 -0800

Of course you can :)

The trick to making these adjustments is having a means to gauge their
benefit/detriment...personally, each of my squid servers have all their
metrics graphed in Cacti and generate a Calamaris report each night, so
I get good hard data that can be compared to a historical baseline. Put
this kind of monitoring in place (especially cacti IMO), and you wont be
tied to rules of thumb.

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Hi Chris,

> The rule of thumb I've read previously is "storage
> equivalent to a week's traffic". If you pass an
> average of 30GB per day, a storage size of 210GB is a good
> start.

I have two squid servers. Each processes around 120GB a day with about
43% request hit ratio and 25% byte hit ratio. The cache size is 300GB
with 6GB memory. Per rule of thumb, can I increase my cache size?

Thank you.


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