[squid-users] wild card ssl certificate

From: Mario Remy Almeida <malmeida_at_isaaviation.ae>
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 18:02:02 +0400

Hi All

I followed the steps mentioned in the below url

when below cmd executed

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa -out cacert.pem -outform PEM -days 1000

I get below message which means some options missing.

can someone tell me what am i missing?

is it rsa:1024 instead rsa?

req [options] <infile >outfile
where options are
 -inform arg input format - DER or PEM
 -outform arg output format - DER or PEM
 -in arg input file
 -out arg output file
 -text text form of request
 -pubkey output public key
 -noout do not output REQ
 -verify verify signature on REQ
 -modulus RSA modulus
 -nodes don't encrypt the output key
 -engine e use engine e, possibly a hardware device
 -subject output the request's subject
 -passin private key password source
 -key file use the private key contained in file
 -keyform arg key file format
 -keyout arg file to send the key to
 -rand file:file:...
                load the file (or the files in the directory) into
                the random number generator
 -newkey rsa:bits generate a new RSA key of 'bits' in size
 -newkey dsa:file generate a new DSA key, parameters taken from CA in
 -[digest] Digest to sign with (md5, sha1, md2, mdc2, md4)
 -config file request template file.
 -subj arg set or modify request subject
 -multivalue-rdn enable support for multivalued RDNs
 -new new request.
 -batch do not ask anything during request generation
 -x509 output a x509 structure instead of a cert. req.
 -days number of days a certificate generated by -x509 is valid
 -set_serial serial number to use for a certificate generated by
 -newhdr output "NEW" in the header lines
 -asn1-kludge Output the 'request' in a format that is wrong but some
                have been reported as requiring
 -extensions .. specify certificate extension section (override value in
config file)
 -reqexts .. specify request extension section (override value in
config file)
 -utf8 input characters are UTF8 (default ASCII)
 -nameopt arg - various certificate name options
 -reqopt arg - various request text options


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