Re: [squid-users] Web client not capable of SSL

From: D.Veenker <>
Date: Sun, 02 May 2010 15:46:26 +0200

It is just a specific server / host. I know exactly which URL needs to
be rewritten to https.

- You think IPTABLES/TPROXY is a solution to make it transparent?
- Which config do I have to use for the client certificates?
sslproxy_client_key or sslproxy_client_certificate?
- What is the difference?
- Do I have to use them in combination with other config settings?
- What about using ICAP for rewriting the URL? Or would you personally
use the internal rewiter?

Thanks, Dj

Amos Jeffries wrote:
> D.Veenker wrote:
>> Is it maybe possible to intercept the http:// request over port 80
>> with IPTABLES and redirect it to Squid?
>> Then let an ICAP add-on (or the internal rewriter) rewrite the URL to
>> https://. Then let Squid do all the SSL with client certificates with
>> the actual https-server.
>> Last, Squid forwards the server-reply to the client (maybe also by
>> using some IPTABLE tricks) to the client in regular un-encrypted http.
> Pretty complex.
> For the general case you hit the very hard problem of; how do you
> know any given server will accept HTTPS for any given request?
> If you have a specific server or set of servers you need it for use
> cache_peer to setup an SSL link to each and just pass the relevant
> requests down it.
> Amos
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