[squid-users] redirect from http to https with url_rewrite

From: Peter Vereshagin <peter_at_vereshagin.org>
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 21:22:13 +0400

I know St. Peter won't call your name, squid-users!

I have the redirector to rewrite arbitrary url to the https url.
I use redirector feature for this and everything is just fine with HTTP/302 feature use or with rewriting to the same but http url either.

Rewrite is as follows ( in the case of any http url ): http://any.host.name/any/path?etc=eteras to this: https://some.my.predefined.host/many/my?never=minds

so the scheme is like this: me_the_client-http-my_squid-https-my_web_server

Everything is fine if I use http instead the https to my_web_server or if I use the '302:url' feature on the redirector program.

What I want is: the squid to be the https client to my_web_server AND me (the client) to be unaware of seeing the other URL than I requested from my_squid. Is it possible? By far this is not the 'accelerator' case and neither those 'deny access' case because deny_info looks like isn't able to take its info from Perl, right?

I get the same error with 2.7 and 3.0: 'Connection to ip.ad.dr.ess ( of my_web_server ) failed. The system returned: (92) Protocol error'. Looks to me that Squid requests for HTTP at the HTTPS port?

ERR_CONNECT_FAIL is on the access.log and the rewritten URLs just work. Thanks a lot.

73! Peter pgp: A0E26627 (4A42 6841 2871 5EA7 52AB 12F8 0CE1 4AAC A0E2 6627)

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