[squid-users] If not modified since is causing near-hits

From: David Raccah <raccah_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 13:28:21 -0700


Please excuse the newbie. I checked most of the search engines on
squid pages and could not find what I was looking for. Though it may
be because I did not use the correct keywords.

So we have a large set of squid boxes sitting in front of some slow
running code. The data is mostly static, so we use squid as a proxy
and it caches the data. The TTL on the cache for now is 1 week or
more, and so we are saving the backend/origin from being pounded and
love it!!! However, we are seeing a large number of near-hit instead
of pure hits. For us a near-hit is equal to a miss, because it caches
the cache (L1 and L2) to go to the origin/backend. We are using HTCP
to clear the cache when there is a change (much like wikipedia does),
so we can trust that our L2 is as close to fresh as possible.


1) Since we can guarantee that the L2 will have the latest
information, is there a way to ignore the "if-not-modified" header?

2) is there a way to declare the L2 cache as the origin-server instead
of just a parent cache - not a great approach, but need to mitigate
going to the origin if the L2 has a hit?

3) is there a utility to update the timestamp of the cached objects.

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