Re: [squid-users] SSH not working With Squid3.0

From: Jakob Curdes <>
Date: Thu, 06 May 2010 19:00:36 +0200

> Even though I have forwarded requests to each machine's SSH port

What exactly does that mean?

> Yes normally when you ssh a machine internally you don't need
> rerouting or forwarding
> I am not saying I have forwarded the internal requests, I forwarded
> requests coming from the internet
> for instance using clients such as putty etc..
> But no connection is allowed either internally or externally.
Well, you can forward the official SSH port 22 only once to one of the
internal machines.
I am pretty sure there is some error in your port forwarding setup. To
prove this, try to stop squid (not the whole server, just the squid
process) and re-check ssh access. If the problems remain, you have an
error in your firewalling/forwarding/gateway setup.

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