[squid-users] Reg kernal panic in tproxy bridge setup

From: senthilkumaar2021 <senthilkumaar2021_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 17:39:13 +0530

Hi All,

I have installed squid2.7 stable 6 version of squid with tproxy4 patch
and using squid in bridge mode.

The tproxy is working well and i followed document as per wiki squid

My connection is about 100 Mbps and i receiving 400 re/sec and during
peak hours it may increase upto 500

My system has 8GB ram and it crashes (kernel panic)everyday at the
evening time only

I tried kernel and but the same kernel panic error occurs.

I think request rate is not a problem and whether there is any limit on
the traffic that is handled by squid?

Whether bridge does not support that much traffic for squid?

please provide me suitable solution

Thank you

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