[squid-users] two cache_peers to be selected by http method

From: Peter Vereshagin <peter_at_vereshagin.org>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 18:05:22 +0400

Hey squid-users don't wanna cause you pain but the big boys feel no sorrow!

I have 2 peers and I need one peer to work for CONNECTs and another one for GETs and POSTs.
Is it ever in this world possible? I'd like this to be with squid because of caching ( and habit ).

By far looking to cache_peer directive I see no any acl on its board, is it?

Thanks a lot.

73! Peter pgp: A0E26627 (4A42 6841 2871 5EA7 52AB 12F8 0CE1 4AAC A0E2 6627)

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