Re: [squid-users] squid 64bit compile

From: Leonardo Rodrigues <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 08:39:39 -0300

Em 11/05/2010 06:47, sameer khan escreveu:
> is there a special way of compiling 64 squid; i dont see any configure options for 64bit compile.
> i have compiled it but it seems it is possibly causing kernel panic.
> i m using squid 2.7stable6 , kernel , 64bit debian lenny.

     i'm using squid 2.7 on SEVERAL 64 bit machines (running CentOS 5.3
or 5.4) and have never experienced problems. It compiles fine just out
of the box and simply works.

     interesting is that squid is a complete user-space daemon, and
should NEVER be able to cause DIRECTLY a kernel panic .....

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