RE: [squid-users] Increasing File Descriptors - Fixed!!

From: Bradley, Stephen W. Mr. <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 08:56:24 -0400

I wish I had snapshots of our stats when we were up and under full load so I could give you and idea of how it was working.

But it was working well right up until the ragged edge (and my FD limit at the time).


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ons 2010-05-12 klockan 10:17 -0400 skrev Bradley, Stephen W. Mr.:
> I went ahead and updated /etc/sysctl.conf to allow for 1024-64000 ports open for connections.
> That should help; I just wish I could test it before August......... :-(

Reminds me that we should implement some smart address + port selection
algorithm. The default port selection algorithm provided by the
operating systems is very stupid and quickly runs out of free ports even
if you increase the range to max possible. A maximized range of 60K
ports can sustain only about 500 connections / second.

Thankfully that's quite sufficient for most Squid setups still, but not
all, and with improvements in multi-core support it will become much
more of an issue.

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