Re: [squid-users] Re: Squid3 Reverse Proxy based on url path

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 21:31:28 +0200

fre 2010-05-21 klockan 04:58 -0700 skrev rainolf:

> cache_peer parent 8080 0 no-query originserver name=domain4
> cache_peer_access domain4 allow portal
> cache_peer_access domain4 deny all
> cache_peer parent 80 0 no-query originserver name=dbghrm
> cache_peer_access dbghrm allow hrm
> cache_peer_access dbghrm deny all

Some issues here.. will get sent to both peers
above. Maybe not what you want.

Make sure you per peer only allow exactly the URLs that should get
forwarded to this peer, and exclude the URLs that SHOULD NOT get
forwarded to this peer if there is overlap.

It is not clear to me what urls should be sent to each server, but
assuming here that hrm is in the webportal but should be sent to a
different server than the rest of the portal I would use

cache_peer_access domain4 deny hrm
cache_peer_access domain4 allow portal

cache_peer_access dbghrm allow portal hrm

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