[squid-users] problem 2 squid version 3.1.3 X-Authenticated-User

From: Gabriele Gabriele <d_gabriele_at_hotmail.it>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 12:27:54 +0200

Hi to all, this is my first time here,
I need an help to configure my
 squid 3.1.3
I show you my problem:
I have 2 squid proxy, one is
internal end one is external, the external is cache_peer for the
internal. On the internal squid I have the ntlm authentication,
So I
 have to pass from the internal to external the client ip source and the
 username of the authenticated user.

"forwarded_for on
 allow all"
in squid.conf I succes to send the Client ip source in
the header from internal to external
But I'm not able to send by
header the "X-Authenticated-User" to the external. ( I hope
X-Authenticathed-User is the right way )
I can't use ICAP, so some
body can help me?

If thi problem was already discussed,
 where can I find it?

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