Re: [squid-users] delay pool still slowing down with no-delay

From: Hendrik Voigtlaender <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 12:52:28 +0200

Amos Jeffries wrote:
> Hendrik Voigtlaender wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> I am using delay pools to slow down download when all parents are down
>> and the child has to fetch the content itself via backup line.
>> When troubleshooting low download rates I figured that the delay pools
>> are slowing down transfer rates even when no-delay is set in the parent
>> definition.
>> Disabled delay pools as a workaround - everything is fast and fine. Yes,
>> the request is definitely going via parent.
>> child OS is debian etch/lenny with squid installed from repository,
>> parents are debian lenny dto. squid from debian repository. same effect
>> on childs running lenny and etch.
>> This setup worked fine for ages!
>> Any ideas?
> Does sound like a bug. We will need to know the actual release number of
> Squid you are using.
> Assuming you do have the latest package, that still leaves Etch as
> 3.0.PRE5 and Lenny as one of 3.0.STABLE8, 3.0.STABLE19 or 3.1.3-2
> depending on the repository used.
> Amos

(Resend with cc squid-users)


I am using squid2: stockpackages named 2.6.5-6etch5 and

Regards, Hendrik
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