[squid-users] Youtube -An error occured, please try again later

From: GIGO . <gigoz_at_msn.com>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 05:33:08 +0000

Hi all,
For some of my youtube videos i am getting the following error.

                "An error occured, please try again later".

I have confirmed that this only occur when squid is being used. find below the relevant information in this regard.
cache_dir aufs /cachedisk1/var/spool/squid 50000 128 256
cache_mem 1000 MB
range_offset_limit -1 KB
maximum_object_size 4194304 KB
maximum_object_size_in_memory 1024 KB
minimum_object_size 10 KB
quick_abort_min -1 KB
#specific for youtube custom refreshpatterns belowones....
refresh_pattern -i (get_video\?|videoplayback\?|videodownload\?) 5259487 99999999% 5259487 override-expire ignore-reload
refresh_pattern ^http://*.youtube.com/.* 720 100% 4320
refresh_pattern -i \.flv$ 10080 90% 999999 ignore-no-cache override-expire ignore-private
refresh_pattern -i \.(iso|avi|wav|mp3|mp4|mpeg|mpg|swf|x-flv)$ 43200 90% 432000 override-expire ignore-no-cache ignore-private
acl store_rewrite_list urlpath_regex \/(get_video\?|videodownload\?|videoplayback.*id)
acl video urlpath_regex \.((mpeg|ra?m|avi|mp(g|e|4)|mov|divx|asf|qt|wmv|m\dv|rv|vob|asx|ogm|flv|3gp)(\?.*)?)$ (get_video\?|videoplayback\?|videodownload\?|\.flv(\?.*)?)
storeurl_rewrite_children 1
storeurl_rewrite_concurrency 10
The storeurl.pl script i am using is by:
# by chudy_fernandez_at_yahoo.com
# Updates at http://wiki.squid-cache.org/ConfigExamples/DynamicContent/YouTube/Discussion
I also have applied the bug fix (src/client_side.c)

Now what is causing this error to occur? And how to resolve it....
 thanking you
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