[squid-users] Kerb auth with LDAP groups

From: Kelly, Jack <Jack.Kelly_at_wsdevelopment.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 17:03:11 -0400

Hi everyone,
I've successfully set up authentication to my proxy with squid_kerb_auth
to get us away from using basic LDAP authentication for everything. I
used the config guide from the squid-cache wiki (below) which worked

One thing I'd like to do is continue using LDAP Groups and/or
Organizational Units to grant permissions to certain websites. So my
question is in two parts:

Is there a way to use squid_ldap_auth such that it will only prompt for
credentials when you try to visit a certain website? (Previously I've
had it set up so it would prompt you right when the browser opens.)

Alternatively: Is there a straightforward equivalent to squid_ldap_group
when using Kerberos authentication?

Running 3.1.1 on Ubuntu x64, installed from Synaptic.


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