Re: [squid-users] Multisite ICP peering

From: Chris Toft <>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 19:53:48 +1100

Thanks for the reply, I actually fixed it. Removed the multicast-responder option and just left multicast-sibling.

Man this thing flies on 5 boxes with 64gb memory and 10x 50gb solid state drives for the cache :-)

I will post working config tomorrow for anyone interested.

Chris Toft
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On 03/11/2010, at 19:51, Josip Almasi <> wrote:

> Chris Toft wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am having an issue with getting multisite ICP peering to work correctly.
>> Let me lay out the scenario.
>> Two sites, one primary and one DR.
>> 3 squid caches on the primary site, 2 on the secondary site in front of a cluster of 4 back end web servers on each site.
>> Primary Site
>> I have set them up so when requests hit the squid caches (behind a loadbalancer) on each site they will check their squid peers for the image before passing to the back end. This is exactly what we wanted.
>> Secondary Site
>> Again setup the same as the primary site but in the configs all 5 squid caches are listed as multicast peers, but when the secondary site is hit it only checks the caches on that site and then goes to the origin webservers.
>> The idea being the primary site will get hit 90% of the time and therefore have a "hot" cache, with 10% of traffic hitting the secondary site to give a "warm" cache. This being the case we wanted the secondary site squid caches to use the multicast peers in the primary site before hitting the backend webservers.
>> I have tried various options of multicast, sibling, parent for the type of server.
>> I have tried using weighting to make the primary site caches a higher priority than the backend web servers
>> There are no connectivity issues because if I comment out the secondary site webservers in the configs then it will try the primary site squid caches and then fall back to the primary site webservers.
>> How can I setup the config so that when a request comes in to the secondary site it will check the primary site cache for an object before falling back to the webservers???
> You got to have class D address to get UDP multicast working, or mbone,
> or VPN/private addresses.
> Alternative is cache digest, just shorted the time period. And then I'd
> recommend using 'proxy' instead of 'sibling' on sec site.
> Regards...

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