[squid-users] client_side_request.cc messages in cache.log

From: Dean Weimer <dweimer_at_orscheln.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 11:09:34 -0500

I just setup a new site through my reverse proxy running Squid 3.1.9, and though it's working fine, I am receiving the follow message every time an url on the new site is accessed.

010/11/04 10:39:32| client_side_request.cc(1047) clientRedirectDone: redirecting body_pipe 0x8016a1e38*1 from request 0x802637800 to 0x802242000

The url in question is an HTTPS url, and is passed through a self written url rewrite program (written in Python), I have verified that the processes are not crashing or causing any internal errors when rewriting this url. The application is a vendor provided ASP.net application running on IIS 6.0. So far it's only available to internal users, for testing so there isn't a heavy load for this url on the proxy yet. There isn't any perceivable difference in performance between the reverse proxy and accessing the site directly (Though I wouldn't expect to see the performance advantages of Squid with the currently load on the backend server being next to nothing at this point), so whatever is causing the error doesn't seem to be affecting performance.

I am concerned that this message may be a sign of a more major problem when the server gets placed under a larger load.

     Dean Weimer
     Network Administrator
     Orscheln Management Co
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