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Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 16:27:19 -0400 (EDT)

I've been even trying using Squid, which I manually compiled.
As you know, Squid has better support for HTTP/1.1 (I thought
it was something related with that, as Squid 2.6STABLE21 uses
HTTP/1.0). Now, with the sniffer I see HTTP/1.1 responses from Live
servers through Squid (when with Squid < 3.2 I was getting HTTP/1.0
responses). Furthermore, balance_on_multiple_ip is off by default in
3.2. Nothing changed.

I have to use this old software as I have _many_ users with this
software already installed, and upgrading would be a pain right now.

I don't think the problem is that Live servers are refusing to login
old releases. I was able to login in from the same clients using direct
connection and through an ISA server 2006 .... :(


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On 05/11/10 02:19, wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to setup a Squid server (Centos 5.5, Squid 2.6-STABLE21,
> x64) to help my users to connect to Windows Live (as well as to
> navigation). They _must_ use Windows Messenger (4.x, 5.x - the ones
> shipped by default with Windows XP).
> The Windows Messenger app login successfully (if you enter a wrong
> username/passw combination it refuses to connect) but cannot complete
> the sign in process, displaying (almost indefinitely "Singing in...").
> Looking in access.log, I only see:
> 1288735315.171 6858 TCP_MISS/200 8272 CONNECT
> - DIRECT/ -
> And then (many times, actually!):
> 1288735321.511 2048 TCP_MISS/200 1539 POST
> application/x-msn-messenger
> I tried using Windows Live Messenger (2009) and it worked perfectly. I
> even tried using an ISA Server 2006 with Windows Messenger (5.x) and
> worked as well. I don't have yet any special/tricky ACL, only
> "http_access allow all" to avoid confusions.
> Does anybody has a similar setup (squid + windows messenger) ? Any
> is appreciated.

>> Do you have "balance_on_multiple_ip" set to off? It needs to be

>> The problems may be this:
  security keys validation sent via CONNECT ... DIRECT/
  login actually performed via POST to ... DIRECT/

>> An edcated guess is that the Live software uses HTTP/1.1 and

>> Why do you have this strict MUST requirement on using very old
>> Part of the problem may also be that the Live servers refuse login
from old releases with known remote-access security vulnerabilities.

>> Amos
>> --
>> Please be using
>> Current Stable Squid 2.7.STABLE9 or 3.1.9
>> Beta testers wanted for
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