[squid-users] Zero Penalty Hit on Squid 3.1.x

From: Fabiano Carlos Heringer <bigu_at_grupoheringer.com.br>
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2010 11:58:58 -0300

Hey guys, in the squid the ZPH itīs already enabled by default or its
necessary to enable something?

Iīve installed the squid with --enable-zph-qos option, and put three
options on my squid.conf to mark packets with diferente ToS, but i
didnīt get this packets marked, how can enable this?
qos_flows local-hit=0x10
qos_flows sibling-hit=0x10
qos_flows parent-hit=0x10
qos_flows disable-preserve-miss

How can I use that? I guess my squid itīs not working correctly with HIT

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