[squid-users] filezilla with squid

From: Philippe Dhont <Philippe.Dhont_at_gems-group.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 13:12:23 +0100


I am trying to use filezilla with squid.
Filezilla is latest version, squid is squid 3.0 stable 19.

Connecting to a ftp site via squid is not working.
When I connect to that same ftp site with another internet connection (without proxy), it works so there is nothing wrong with the credentials or the ftp site.

In the access log I get:
TCP_MISS/200 364 CONNECT www.xxxxxxx:21 - DIRECT/xx.xx.xxx.xxx

In filezilla I used the ip address and the proxy port from the squid proxy server (of course).
Any reason why this is not working ?
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