RE: [squid-users] Squid Logs and SARG

From: Kale D. Michels <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 13:00:15 -0600

What other tool?

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FYI, SARG / Squid does NOT report time spent on a site, the time figures
in question are simply the total time Squid spends serving the user

I.E. Inital Proxy Request -> Page download completion.

Also, using SARG's default options, you can click on the "Date/Time
Report" button next to each site in question, on the left. If you want
another way of seeing all sites in chronological order, like my company
does, then you need another tool.

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>>> "Kale D. Michels" <> 11/9/2010 1:35 PM >>>
I am wanting to be able to produce the SARG page but I want the reports
that are produced to show what time the webpage began being accessed as
opposed to time spent on the site.

I currently have the out of the box configuration (of an old squid
compilation) and the SARG in place. I just want to modify the

If you can provide a webpage with some good information for making
these changes or have some code blocks that you can provide it would be
much appreciated.


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