[squid-users] cache_object://$host/info confusion

From: david robertson <dr_at_nevernet.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 20:59:56 -0500

I'm in the process of writing a script to give me some cache hit
statistics for my cluster. There's some confusion on the cache_object
info output, though. For example, this particular host only caches to
memory, however this is the output I get:

        Request Hit Ratios: 5min: 40.0%, 60min: 39.2%
        Request Memory Hit Ratios: 5min: 69.7%, 60min: 69.6%

For a host that's only caching to memory, there's a pretty large
discrepancy between the two listed above. What's the difference
between the two above?

Thanks in advance.
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