[squid-users] Save squid cache?

From: Luigi Monaco <monaco_at_ocanom.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 23:34:22 +0100

Hi to all,

I have a question concerning the usage of squid to dump the content of the cache, keep a copy of the cache or block this site (and its bound content) from being deleted from squid´s cache.

There are some sites in the net that I would like to ensure that I can surf them in the future even if the site goes offline or gets deleted/ modified. wget is not really useful for this since it does not interpret js and may offer a different result than when surfing with the browser - robots.txt and similar nuisances.

So, I would like to have a secured copy of the website I surfed. squid does this, but how do I secure the cached content? Am I missing something in the manuals?

Best regards

Luigi Monaco
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