[squid-users] number of children {startup] [idle]

From: Nick Cairncross <Nick.Cairncross_at_condenast.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 16:54:08 +0000

Hi List,

Just a quick question; I've re-read the following a number of times and think I've confused myself:

        The startup= and idle= options permit some skew in the exact amount
        run. A minimum of startup=N will begin during startup and reconfigure
        and Squid will start more in groups of up to idle=N in an attempt to meet
        traffic needs and to keep idle=N free above those traffic needs up to
        the maximum.

        auth_param negotiate children 20 startup=0 idle=1

Does this mean that if my squid.conf has..

        auth_param negotiate children 55 startup=5 idle=10

..5 children will be spawned to begin when I start squid and if they all get used then 10 more will spawn automatically (15 total) and then another 10 (25) and so on until 55 children have been reached and then no more will be spawned? Or am I wrong..



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