Re: [squid-users] priority rules in squid.conf

From: Leonardo Rodrigues <>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 10:25:49 -0200

Em 22/11/10 10:01, Riccardo Castellani escreveu:
> For precedence of evaluating rules, when I open my browser, what rule does
> Squid analyze ?
> I think rule 6, but how Squid knows if client have to use LDAP
> Authentication or to look at in the file 'onlyforip' to grant Internet
> access for IP Address ?
> I think Squid first has to look at the rules 9 and 10, so I think there is
> priority of rules which is not dependent from rules sequence ?!
> I'd like solve my doubt

     Rules are evaluated on the exact order you configure them in
squid.conf. There's no magic and no trick envolved .... if you want some
rule A to be evaluated before other rule B, simply put A before B on

     If you want allow some IPs without authentication, simply put that
rule(s) before the ones that requires authentication.

     evaluation is linear, just order your rules logically to acchieve
what you need.

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