[squid-users] refersh_pattern cache dynamic extensions

From: Ghassan Gharabli <sounarose_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 21:56:57 +0200


I have several questions to ask about refresh_pattern

sometimes I see configuration as

refresh_pattern -i *.ico$
refresh_pattern -i .(css|js|xml) #multiple extensions
refresh_pattern \.(css|js|xml)
refresh_pattern \.(css|js|xml)$
refresh_pattern -i .(css|js|xml)$
refresh_pattern .(\?.*)?$

Please can anyone explain what is the difference between each example
and I have also another question like how to cache multiple extensions
using the same rule incase it was dynamic or static

example :
#I know this rule catches dynamic website or file but i dont know how
to deal with multiple extensions like gif , jpeg , png
refresh_pattern .(\?.*)?$

Why we put $ , ? or \?.*

Thank you
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