RE: [squid-users] Getting SARG to show usernames instead of IP

From: chinner999 <>
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2011 14:45:28 -0600

Thanks. I'll go the intercept route so I'll pass on the WCCP setup for now. What auth method would you folks suggest. Easiest to setup? Once i get this going with WPAD and PAC, I'll look at a second box for squid as don't want users to not connect to the Internet if the Squid box dies.

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>This information is not part of the squid configuration but I couldn't let you jump to Cisco wccp without sharing my experience.
>That feature is not working right with any asa5500 IOS version, it has a lot of bugs. Be very careful if you set it up on production environment.
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>Right from the squid.conf file
> WARNING: authentication can't be used in a transparently intercepting
># proxy as the client then thinks it is talking to an origin server and
># not the proxy. This is a limitation of bending the TCP/IP protocol to
># transparently intercepting port 80, not a limitation in Squid.
># Ports flagged 'transparent', 'intercept', or 'tproxy' have
># authentication disabled.
>Guess I can't use authentication with a transparent setup. Will have to investigate intercept proxy. I'm trying to use Cisco WCCP via our Cisco 5505's so if I go intercept proxy and the Squid server goes offline, Internet traffic can still go through.
>---- On Wed, 20 Jul 2011 10:21:47 -0600 Chad Naugle wrote ----
>>Simple answer: SARG (or any log analyzer) requires Squid to post
>>usernames in the access log, by using authentication helpers. I am not
>>certain if this can be done in Transparent or Intercept mode at all.
>>>>> chinner999 7/20/2011 12:11 PM >>>
>>Hi guys,
>>I have SARG running and the reports shows usage per user by ip address.
>> How do I get it to show username instead? The users are using Active
>>I don't have Squid configured for any authentication currently.
>>Ubuntu v10.04
>>Sarg v2.2.7.1
>>Squid v3.1.6 - transparent
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