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From: woody <tossit1_at_mail15.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 11:21:00 -0500

O.k. I need some help with Squid. Flames won't help...
Here is the situation. A small private school just opened this
year, and I got a "server" for them. It is a Dell, running XP PRO. I don't
know anything about linux, and the internet filtering software that I
ultimately want to use, only runs under windows. This box is a dual homed
box, with two nics. One nic is bound to 192.168.0.x subnet and the other is
bound to the 192.168.9.x subnet. The ip's for the two nics are 0.195 and
9.195. On the .9 subnet, there is a protected WAP that will be used by the
laptops in the school. On the 0.x subnet, there is a gateway at 0.1 that is
the interenet interface. I have the squid 2.7 windows port. I need some
help configuring this. I've worked my way through a good dozen tutorials on
the web, and tried to get this working, but can't.
I have found almost nothing on configuring squid to serve as a proxy on one
subnet, while using a
second nic to access the web. Eventually, I intend to run net nanny on the
XP box, to filter the internet. That is another task, first I have to get
squid running. The Dell can browse the web over the 0.1 net. If I move the
network from 0.1 to the 9.x network, and connect it to the wap, I can browse
the web over the wap. So now I have to hook the two together, with the
proxy server sitting in the middle, and the laptop's pointed to the 9.195 as
the gateway. Since there is no wireless link on the 0.1 network, smart
students won't be able to bypass this.
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