Re: [squid-users] blacklist to block adults sites

From: Jaime Herazo B. <>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 18:51:18 +0200

I have used Squidguard very successfully in the past. You take HUGE
blocklists that bring Squid's regexes to it's knees (personally tested
this), and it just breezes through them It's also very customizable.
If you've used IPCop with the Copfilter addon, you've used Squidguard.
Also there's some blocklists that are regularly being updated, some
commercial and some free. I've written some bash scripts in the past
that get and install new ones for me.

The bad points are that there's no GUI, which is a showstopper for
many people, and that development has been somewhat slow over the
years, which shouldn't be much trouble as the software is rather
stable these days.

I recommend it. It's good, and i'd like to see reports on how well the
current 1.5 development version runs and what has thanged since the
last stable one..

2011/8/28 Helmut Hullen <>:
> Hallo, alexus,
> Du meintest am 27.08.11:
>> is there a blacklist of URLs/IPs that contains say an adults sites? I
>> need to be able to feed that into my squid, people abusing it with
>> surfing porn!
> What about "squidGuard"?
> Or at least the blacklist for "squidGuard":
> Viele Gruesse!
> Helmut

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