Re: [squid-users] Squid losing connectivity for 30 seconds

From: Elie Merhej <>
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2011 09:37:54 +0200

>>>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>>>> I am currently facing a problem that I wasn't able to find a
>>>>>>>>> solution for in the mailing list or on the internet,
>>>>>>>>> My squid is dying for 30 seconds every one hour at the same
>>>>>>>>> exact time, squid process will still be running,
>>>>>>>>> I lose my wccp connectivity, the cache peers detect the squid
>>>>>>>>> as a dead sibling, and the squid cannot server any requests
>>>>>>>>> The network connectivity of the sever is not affected (a ping
>>>>>>>>> to the squid's ip doesn't timeout)
>>> Hi,
>>> here is the strace result
>>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> <snip looks perfectly normal traffic, file opening and closing data
> reading, DNS lookups and other network read/writes>
>>> read(165, "!", 256) = 1
> <snip bunch of other normal traffic>
>>> read(165, "!", 256) = 1
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> Squid is freezing at this point
> The 1-byte read on FD #165 seems odd. Particularly suspicious being
> just before a pause and only having a constant 256 byte buffer space
> available. No ideas what it is yet though.
>> wccp2_router x.x.x.x
>> wccp2_forwarding_method l2
>> wccp2_return_method l2
>> wccp2_service dynamic x
>> wccp2_service_info x protocol=tcp flags=src_ip_hash priority=240
>> ports=80
>> wccp2_service dynamic x
>> wccp2_service_info x protocol=tcp flags=dst_ip_hash,ports_source
>> priority=240 ports=80
>> wccp2_assignment_method mask
>> #icp configuration
>> maximum_icp_query_timeout 30
>> cache_peer x.x.x.x sibling 3128 3130 proxy-only no-tproxy
>> cache_peer x.x.x.x sibling 3128 3130 proxy-only no-tproxy
>> cache_peer x.x.x.x sibling 3128 3130 proxy-only no-tproxy
>> log_icp_queries off
>> miss_access allow squidFarm
>> miss_access deny all
> So if I understand this right. You have a layer of proxies defined as
> "squidFarm" which client traffic MUST pass through *first* before they
> are allowed to fetch MISS requests from this proxy. Yet you are
> receiving WCCP traffic directly at this proxy with both NAT and TPROXY?
> This miss_access policy seems decidedly odd. Perhapse you can
> enlighten me?

Let me explain what I am trying to do,(I was hoping that this is the
right setup) the squids are siblings so my clients pass through one
squid only (this squid uses icp to check if the object is in my network,
if not the squid fetches the object from the internet)

miss if miss

I have over 400Mbps of bandwidth, but one squid (3.1) cannot withstand
this kind of bandwidth (number of clients), this is why I have created a
I have the following hardware: i7 xeon 8 cpus - 16GB Ram - 2 HDDs 450GB
& 600GB no RAID
Software: Debian OS squeeze 6.0.3 with kernel 2.6.32-5-amd64 and
iptables 1.4.8
Please note that when I only use one cache_dir (the small one cache_dir
aufs /cache1/squid 320000 480 256 ) I don't face this problem
The problem starts when the cache dir size is bigger then 320 GB
Please advise

Thank you for the advise on the refresh patterns
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