[squid-users] Problem with Varnish and intercept Squid

From: Nguyen Hai Nam <nam.nh_at_nd24.net>
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2011 15:38:54 +0700


Now, I'd like to have additional Varnish as a cache agent in front of
intercept Squid 3.2 (built successfully before).

Varnish was built with default setting and start up script:

# ./varnishd -a -b -s malloc,512M

Varnish will listen at tcp port 8080 first, if the cache is MISS it
passes to squid to contact the origin server.

But Squid don't understand and return error:

BUG: Orphan Comm::Connection: local=
remote= FD 13 flags=33

So, varnish return Error 503 Service Unavailable. What's wrong with
squid in this case?

~ Neddie
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