[squid-users] increasing file descriptors in Ubuntu 10.04/2.7.STABLE9

From: Sean Boran <sean_at_boran.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 07:54:50 +0100


On squid proxy using the stock Ubuntu squid packages, the file
descriptors need to be increased.

I found two suggestions:
but ulimit -n was still 1024 after rebooting.
(and it also talks about recompiling squid with
--with-filedescriptors=8192, but Id prefer to keep the stock ubuntu
package if possible).

This link:
suggests alternative settings in /etc/security/limits.conf
but "ulimit -a | grep 'open files'" still says 1024

There was also a suggestion found to set a value in
/proc/sys/fs/file-max, but the current value was already 392877

Finally, the second article suggests (for red hat) just setting
max_filedesc 4096
in squid.conf
and this actually works, i.e.
"squidclient -p 80 mgr:info | grep 'file descri'"
reports 4096

So my question: is the squid.conf sufficent? How is the squid setting
related to ulimit, if at all?

Thanks in advance,

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