Re: [squid-users] enabling https 443 on vanilla squid -debian squeeze-

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 00:35:25 +0100

ons 2011-12-28 klockan 15:10 +1300 skrev Amos Jeffries:

> On Debian yes, it must be re-compiled with --enable-ssl. The Debian
> policy has problems with the way Squid (GPLv2+) and OpenSSL
> (proprietary) licenses combine.

The OpenSSL license is not an proprietary license, it's an very liberal
free software license without copyleft. Just not 100% GPL compatible due
to an advertising clause.

Squid can lawfully be linked with OpenSSL when OpenSSL is provided as a
system library part of the operating system where Squid runs. But it's
not entirely trivial to define that boundary.

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