Re: [squid-users] Re: stupid problem with squid and and local adresses.

From: Ton Muller <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2012 11:27:10 +0200

solution found..
pf.conf op openBSD box as to tight written, it blocked to much for LAN
services .grrrr

On 23-6-2012 11:55, Ton Muller wrote:
> On 23-6-2012 3:47, Linda W wrote:
>> Ton Muller wrote:
>>> access webmail is not possible when i use name lookup, i must use IP
>>> adres for it.
>>> so, my question..
>>> where did i make a mistake , i used basic squid config, and added only
>>> some ports for access.
>> ----
>> lots of possibilities --
>> 1), I usually have clients setup to go direct to anything on my local net.
>> If they can't resolve the other hostnames properly (internal DNS/hosts/NIS/
>> whatever). That could cause problems. How do your internal clients
>> resolve internal addresses -- do you have a DNS server setup for local
>> clients?
> Yes, i have named on my openBSD box running, and yes, it works as it
> should be....
>> 2) I also usually have squid setup NOT to serve internal addresses -- so if
>> a client tries to go through squid to get to an internal address, it
>> will usually
>> get an 'access denied' -- since going through squid to get to a local
>> address is
>> just 'wrong'...
> hm,mkey..
> and how i adapt it to my condig, if i may ask..
>> It also helps prevent someone getting access to squid from the outside
>> -- (hypothetical)
>> then they would get an access denied for any ports on the inside of my net.
>> Those are things that would go wrong on my network. Now what can go
>> wrong on your
>> network depends on config's of clients, squid, how your network is
>> setup...etc...
>> Give you any ideas?
> ideas enough.
> as say, am using openBSD for nat, and serving local stats with mrtg and
> smokeping (NO ACCESS TO EVIL WAN xD)
> am not having squid configed as accelerator (it even wont let me, if i
> add the tags, a check on config gives errors)
> DNS is setup to serve local names only, and fetching DNS when needed extern.
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