[squid-users] Squid via Network Wireless Router & Wireless Clients

From: Adrian Miller <adrian.m.miller_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2012 16:10:57 +1000

Squid via Network Wireless Router & Wireless Clients

Hopefully this is a simple question, with an equally quick answer.

I have set up traditional squid setups before, with the 2 NIC setup.

This time though i have only a wireless router connected via ethernet
to the squid box (1 NIC only).

All clients will connect to the squid box via the wireless router.


Wireless Client Laptops
Wireless Router/ADSL2 Modem ---- > Interwebs
 | /\
\/ |

So my question (and im probably looking for reinforcement/outright
ridicule for my own thoughts) is

"Whats the best way to implement this?"

Is it as simple as forwarding all traffic from the router port 80 to
the squid box port 3128 in the router config and running the squid box
in transparent mode.


The above but conventional with proxy set manually on each client

Or neither, and you have a more sane approach

Any help will be most appreciated

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