[squid-users] DSCP mark not working

From: Ben <benjo11111_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2012 18:22:20 +0530


We are running squid since long time and it is working fine.Now days, we
migrated squid for RHEL 6 to use qos_flow DSCP marking parameter.

For testing purpose at lab, we deploy two squid box, one with rhel rpm (
Version 3.1.19 ) and on second box with squid source compilation (
Version 3.1.20 .

In both squid box, we enabled '--enable-zph-qos' and configure qos_flows
local-hit=0x30 in squid.conf

 From client pc , we set static proxy in browser with squid ip and
port.Everything is working fine but DSCP marking is not happening.

On both squid box, I open tcpdump -vni eth0 | grep 'tos 030' terminal
but nothing comes on screen.

Kindly suggest me where could be mistake? Also suggest if anything is
required from my side, I mean logs and all.

As per my understanding , qos_flows local-hit marks given mark value
when squid sees DISK_HIT, MEMORY_HIT or relavent tag
Kindly correct me if I am doing mistake

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