Re: [squid-users] RE: Fwd: Fwd: SSLBUMP Issue with SSL websites

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 10:33:31 +1200

On 10.07.2012 00:58, Muhammed Shehata wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> hope you all are doing well
>> actually I followed the replies on squid users-mail-list about
>> sslbump issues with showing up some websites inline without images or
>> css style sheet
>> like and
>> I do use broken sites acl to exclude them
>> however I see that method is CONNECT for those excluded website
>> not Get as all other bumped sites but it still the same result

All sites, bumped or not should be logging a CONNECT request. We are
still sorting out exactly how the bumped ones gets displayed though.

For sites which you *prevent* bumping (broken_sites), of course you
will never see the GET. The GET is *inside* the encrypted portion of the
request which "ssl_bump deny ..." prevents Squid decrypting.

>> 1341837646.893 45801 x.x.x.x TCP_MISS/200 62017 CONNECT
>> - DIRECT/
>> I'm using squid 3.1.19
>> acl broken_sites dstdomain
>> acl broken_sites dstdomain
>> ssl_bump deny broken_sites
>> ssl_bump allow all
>> http_port ssl-bump generate-host-certificates=on
>> dynamic_cert_mem_cache_size=40MB
>> cert=/etc/pki/tls/certs/sslintercept.crt
>> key=/etc/pki/tls/certs/sslintercept.key

Both sites include embeded objects (images, scripts, CSS) using domains
which never appear in the browser address bar. You may need to add those
alternative domains into your broken_sites ACL to keep the same
behaviour for the main HTML portion of the site and its other objects.

Other issues:

Twitter has some serious cacheability problems, and a number of smaller
annoying bugs affecting proxy responses:

  * A gzip-compressed response was sent when it wasn't asked for.
  * The resource doesn't send Vary consistently.
  * The ETag doesn't change between negotiated representations.
  * There was a problem checking for Last-Modified validation support.
  * A ranged request returned another representation.

Facebook has improved noticably over the last year or so, but the main
site still has one major Vary issue that breaks cacheability:

  * This response is negotiated, but doesn't have an appropriate Vary
  * The response body is different when content negotiation happens.
  * Content negotiation for gzip compression makes the response 19%

These problems are operating on both the HTTP and HTTPS accesses to the

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