Re: [squid-users] tproxy configuration

From: Eliezer Croitoru <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 21:58:12 +0300

On 7/17/2012 6:01 PM, Wayne Lee wrote:
> < SNIP >
> Many thanks Eliezer.
> I still have the same issue in that once the packets arrive on the
> squid box they are not actually diverted into the squid daemon and
> thus fail.
> I have managed to find a working solution and that is to not use wccp
> and just built a proper gre tunnel between the squid and cisco router,
> the DNAT/Redirect methods then work as expected.
> Thanks again
> Wayne
if the packets are not diverted into squid there is something wrong with
your setup.
if you will post your squid config routes and iptables i will might be
able to help you.

for me squid works with wither tproxy\dnat\redirect + wccp or with basic
routing rules.


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