Re: [squid-users] tunnelConnectTimeout(): tunnelState->servers is NULL

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 10:38:54 +1200

On 24.07.2012 06:14, Dean Weimer wrote:
> I have had a Squid server that has been running for some time, and
> all of the sudden started having problems, this server runs as both a
> forward and reverse proxy on different ports. The reverse proxy part
> seems to be responding fine, but the forwarding is all of the sudden
> logging errors in cache.log file about tunnelSate The parent server
> appears to be running fine, and is serving requests for a few hundred
> clients that access it directly without issue.
> Of course the full log message is exactly what the subject of this
> email message is.
> tunnelConnectTimeout(): tunnelState->servers is NULL
> The parent server is running 3.1.20 and this server is on 3.1.18,
> anyone have any idea what would cause this type of behavior to start
> happening?

Something is timing out in CONNECT. Which should not happen normally,
but Squid closes the connections cleanly so its just a warning.

It's not exactly clear whether this is a timeout event arriving after
the tunnel has already closed properly (erasing its "servers" list), or
if it is a real unable-to-connect problem failing after a set of
retries. Are your client connections through the 3.1.18 proxy having
trouble with HTTPS?

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