Re: [squid-users] icap_retry directive not working?

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2012 15:34:56 +1200

On 01.08.2012 09:53, alex fiddler wrote:
> In my configuration, my ICAP server returns to Squid either an HTTP
> 403 or an HTTP 302 as an adapted response, before Squid consumes any
> of the "virgin body".  Consequently, the ICAP is destroyed before
> Squid has a chance to consume any of the data in
> "ModXact::virgin::body_pipe".
> In my case, this is a valid use case.  The adapted response should be
> forwarded to the HTTP client, but it is not.  Instead, squid is
> waiting for "ServerStateData::virginBodyDestination" (which is a
> reference to "ModXact::virgin::body_pipe") to be destroyed.
> In Squid's code, in the function "BodyPipe::clearConsumer" I found
> the comment saying
>         // do not abort if we have not consumed so that HTTP or ICAP
> can retry
>         // benign xaction failures due to persistent connection race
> conditions
> My understanding is that this is controlled by icap_retry?  Is the
> condition described above considered by Squid as a failure, or is
> this
> a bug in Squid (I already opened a Squid bug 3595 on this topic)?
> In my squid config file I put the directive icap_retry allow all, to
> no avail.  Or is the condition above handled by another configuration
> directive?
> I am using squid 3.1.15.

The dev who know most about adaptation implementation do not follow
this group closely. The bug report is the best avenue for this. If you
want a faster poke, try posting to squid-dev.

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