Re: [squid-users] I: Problem with some website and application

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2012 22:39:18 +1200

On 4/08/2012 3:50 a.m., Job wrote:
> Hello,
> i use squid since about ten years, i grew up with squid!
> Actually i have got a big problem, expecially in public administration in Italy, when using NTLM authentication and explicited proxy.
> Some website and client server application does not work behind explicited authenticated proxy; those are bad written, not w3c, and not well working.
> I have to create some iptables bypass and working with wpad.
> Furthermore, some website call other website, so debugging the failed access become very very hard and spend lots of time, and customers says "but at home with home-dsl everything is fine! Why not at office?"
> It is very frustrating, i think to use only transparent proxy with no authentication scheme.
> What do you think about?

If it were possible for you to operate "transparent proxy" without
authentication, why are you not operating an "explicit proxy" without

Or perhapse you could tell us what the problems you are facing are, what
systems are involved and what versions of the relative software. Noting
that Windows Vista and later are designed to work with Kerberos instead
of NTLM - which is likely the real cause of your problem.

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