Re: [squid-users] auth acl, combining and matching

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 21:57:54 +1200

On 14/08/2012 8:32 p.m., Eugene M. Zheganin wrote:
> Hi.
> Since I always receive comprehensive answers here I decided to ask
> about one more long existed problem.
> I use squids in corporate environment along with traffic quotas and
> custom deny info pages. Yeah, flatrated internet came long ago in
> Russia too, but my supervisors think that limiting the traffic is
> still an effective way of fighting slackers.
> So, the goal is to show a page 'you're not authorized' to unauthorized
> users (bad username/password pair, or no username, or intercepted
> traffic), 'this is denied' page on some restricted URLs, and mostly -
> 'you're out of traffic' to users with no traffic left. Here I step on
> one thing that is keeping me away from that. Imagine I have similar
> config:
> acl unauthorized proxy_auth -
> acl no-traffic-left external self-written-script
> acl allowed-users external some-LDAP-checking
> acl some-other-users external some-LDAP-checking
> http_access deny unauthorized
> http_access deny no-traffic-left
> http_access allow allowed-users
> http_access deny all
> deny_info NOTRAFFIC no-traffic-left
> deny_info UNAUTHORIZED unauthorized
> deny_info NOACCESS all
> So, to the actual point. I will simply describe how it does work from
> my experience. So, imagine user 'foobar' is trying to get the access.
> It matches both the no-traffic-left and the allowed-users ACLs.
> Futhermore, allowed-users is a group of users. In a configuration
> above, when squid will receive the 'foobar' username on the
> 'http_access deny no-traffic-left' line, it won't block the foobar
> user, but instead it will reprompt for the credentials. So, in order
> to actually block users like foobar, I need to say something about
> src, like this:
> http_access deny unauthorized all

That is where you are going bad. Since it is re-challenging its clear
you use %LOGIN for that external helper. What you actually need is:

   acl no_traffic src all
   http_access deny no-traffic-left no_traffic
   deny_info NOTRAFFIC no_traffic

(and remove the "deny_info NOTRAFFIC no-traffic-left")

> This way squid will immidiately block such users. But, here the
> problem comes: last matching ACL will be 'all', so I'm unable to tell
> users with no traffic why exaclty they are blocked. I tried the way
> http_access deny all unauthorized
> But it works the same way as the line without 'all', - it keeps
> reprompting for the passwords. It looks like 'hey, do you know some
> other password, so I can grant you an access ?'. Is there any
> possibility of ... in the term of packet filters, say to squid 'block
> it immidiately' ? The way 'quick' works in pf, or, if you prefer, the
> same way the 'L' flag works in apache's mod_rewrite ? I mean, I need a
> mechanism of saying that this rule should actually be the last if it
> matches. And the other question - I have a feeling that this happens
> only if a username matches more that one proxy_auth ACL. For example
> this doesn't happen to the user '-', or any other fake user (I was
> using for a long time the fake username to represent the entity
> without credentials).

No. It happens if "deny" is the operation to perform on any ACL which
tests user credentials (proxy_auth ACL type or external type with %LOGIN
in the format).

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