[squid-users] UDP_DENIED/000 67 ICP_QUERY errors

From: grant lowe <glowe11_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012 12:33:41 -0700

Hi all.

I'm back again for more help. I'm getting these pesky UDP_DENIED/000
67 ICP_QUERY errors in the access.log. I've scoured the internet and
web pages say:


    Access was denied for this request.

I get that. But why is it denied.

I've made sure that iptables is open. I've gone through the squid.conf
file to make sure that port 3130 is open with these lines:

icp_port 3130
cache_peer sibling 3128 3130

Here's what the logs say.

The server being asked the request gets this:
1346441200.916 1152 TCP_MISS/200 339275 GET http ...
Then the peer shows this:
1346441199.767 0 UDP_DENIED/000 84 ICP_QUERY http ...

Any and all help is appreciated. IIf I need to supply more data,
please let me know. Thanks.
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