Re: [squid-users] getting https pages from peer on ssl-bump mode

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2012 11:25:41 +1300

On 08.10.2012 01:16, Oguz Yilmaz wrote:
> I am trying with ssl-bump. I am using squid 3.1.21.
> First of all I got the CANNOT FORWARD error page. When I debug I
> found:
> 2012/10/07 14:27:49.380| fwdConnectStart: Ssl bumped connections
> through parrent proxy are not allowed
> 2012/10/07 14:27:49.380| fail: ERR_CANNOT_FORWARD
> "Service Unavailable"
> Then, I added always_direct rule and reached to https site.
> acl HTTPS proto HTTPS
> always_direct allow HTTPS
> According to message above and a reply from Amos in another thread,
> squid stopped getting https over peers, because "it does not again
> encrypt ssl connection for the peer". Capability of getting https
> pages over peers was previous behaviour and I did not understand why
> squid does not get pages from peers instead of direct? I assume it is
> about software architecture.

Without SSL-bump the HTTPS us seen by Squid as a CONNECT request with
encrypted binary data. The CONNECT request and data can be safely sent
to a peer and the reply shunted straight back to the client. This is
otherwise known as a blind tunnel / binary tunnel through the HTTP
  This can be done safely whether the peer supports SSL or not. Or even
whether your proxy supports SSL or not.

With SSL-bump the CONNECT wrapper request is removed, the encrypted
data decrypted. THEN Squid handles the decrypted request almost as if it
was sent in to a https_port. Squid does not support adding the CONNECT
request wrapper back when passing the request to non-SSL peers. If the
request were relayed out to peer this would result in HTTPS be decrypted
then sent "in the clear" to any peers - seriously breaking the security
on HTTPS. (you say earlier Squid did that, we know, that got fixed
pretty soon after it was found but there are still a few releases which
do it).
  In reverse-proxy we can safely assume that peers are part of a trusted
backend system for the reverse-proxy. For the corporate situations where
SSL-Bump is used we CANNOT make that assumption safely even if the peer
has the SSL connection options configured and must, for now, block
relaying to peers.

> Is this the current situation(3.HEAD). Are there any project to
> implement getting SSL pages over peers?

All current Squid releases share the above behaviour. SSL-Bump in 3.1
was experimental and rather limited in what it can do. I recommend using
at least 3.2 for less client annoyance, preferably use 3.3 for the best
SSL-Bump behaviour (server-first bumping fixes a few other security

As to work underway; I made some effort to work towards re-wrapping
CONNECT on outbound requests for another project unrelated to SSL-Bump
but sharing the same requirement. It is still in the planning stages
with no timeline for any code. Any contributions toward that would be

> Because this mode obligate me
> to choose between:
> a- do https filtering in squid and does not forward https to
> dansguardian (I use https domain name filtering on dg)
> b- dont do https filtering and continue with https domain name
> filtering on dansguardian.

So far as I'm aware anything you can do in DG can also be done in
Squid. So (a) is your best option.

> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| peerSelectCallback:
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| Failed to select source for
> ''
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| always_direct = -1

Hmm. -1 here is strange. It means some lookup (authentication, or IDENT
or external ACL) is being waited for. Scan your whole config for
always_direct lines and check their order carefully.

The "always_direct allow HTTPS" should have produced "1" there and made
your Squid use DNS results for instead of


> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| never_direct = 0
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| timedout = 0
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| fwdStartComplete:
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| fwdStartFail:
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| fail: ERR_CANNOT_FORWARD
> "Service Unavailable"
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| StoreEntry::unlock: key
> '31F6E0CCC4924D82F5F0070DE9555597' count=2
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| ~ACLFilledChecklist:
> ACLFilledChecklist destroyed 0x91502d0
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| ACLChecklist::~ACLChecklist: destroyed
> 0x91502d0
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| ~FwdState: FwdState
> destructor starting
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| Creating an error page for entry 0x9152990
> with errorstate 0x91504a0 page id 13
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| StoreEntry::lock: key
> '31F6E0CCC4924D82F5F0070DE9555597' count=3
> 2012/10/07 14:35:50.142| BuildContent: No existing
> error page language negotiated for ERR_CANNOT_FORWARD. Using default
> error file.
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