[squid-users] No proxy, with Captive portal and Reporting through Squid

From: Neil <nwilson123_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2012 09:02:23 +0200

Hi guys,

I know this is probably a tough ask, but this question keeps being
asked of us, and I don't have any answers unless clients spend
thousands on proprietary devices.

I need to be able to capture http(ideally https as well) without
proxies being specified on the clients(IPADS, Galaxies, Blackberries
PC's Mac's etc), present a captive portal login so the users have to
authenticate themselves, then be able to monitor via a log or reports
on what sites were visited by username etc.

The important part here is that they must not have a proxy specified
on the client...

Is this being too hopeful?

So far I've found that PAC/wpad files don't seem to work correctly
because of the devices all requiring different settings, and most of
the devices don't support "auto configure scripts" and obviously AD
group policies won't work because of the mobiles devices not logging
onto a domain. The DHCP 252 option doesn't work on the devices because
of the browsers not all supporting it, and the DNS option has mixed
results as well.

Does anyone have a solution for the above requirements? Is it possible
to achieve the above while still using Squid? I know it's possible to
captive portal using RADIUS without squid, but then the reporting side
is very limited.

Thanks in advance.


Neil Wilson.
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