Re: [squid-users] squid -k reconfigure shell output

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2012 00:11:12 +1300

On 5/11/2012 9:52 p.m., a bv wrote:
> Hi,
> There are files which are mentioned at my squid.conf file which mostly
> blocks the urls at the files. Time to time running /usr/sbin/squid -k
> reconfigure gives errors showing domains. Sometimes looking at that
> domain at the releated file u see that there are multiple entires and
> clean others and left fine /usr/sbin/squid -k reconfigure starts
> given no error. This time i got the erros like below. How can i find
> out the reason and fix it?

The *reason* is what Squid wrote:
   " '' is a subdomain of '' "

Squid-3.2.2+ contain some upgraded code to handle these cases better
(more silently) and tries very hard to report only the real unfixable

If you are the list maintainer bes sure to fix it s that ist does nOT
  * duplicates (waste of space).
  * a mix of wildcard and sub-domain entries for any given base domain
name. Effects vary from warning to crash depending on the order they are
read into Squid.

 From your description I assume your list files change daily. In which
case it is likely not that easily fixed. An upgrade should help silence
any useless warnings about duplicates though.

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