Re: [squid-users] ISP-style Transparent Proxy

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2012 11:24:20 +1300

On 08.11.2012 11:08, Nick Bright wrote:
> Greetings,
> We're working to attempt to get a completely transparent proxy up and
> running. By completely transparent I mean:
> 1) The web server should see the clients' actual IP (not the proxy)
> 2) The client should see the response coming back from the IP of the
> web server.
> We're trying to implement this with WCCPv2 Interception on a
> 7204vxr/NPE-G1 with IOS 12.3.15a.
> The configuration guide has been explicitly followed at:
> The machine is running CentOS 6. I've tried with the stock kernel,
> and with 3.6.5 installed from selinux is disabled. Using
> the non-tproxy port in squid by explicitly configuring the proxy,
> successfully proxies & caches traffic (proxy server ip reported by
> web
> server).
> Squid version is 3.1.10-9.el6_3 from CentOS6 repository.
> All commands successfully complete, but the proxy isn't working.
> I've observed that:
> 1) The Cisco router sees the web cache as reported by "sh ip wccp"
> (see attached sh_ip_wccp.txt).
> 2) tcpdump -i tun0 reports packets arriving from the Cisco router.
> 3) tcpdump -i eth2 reports packets leaving the cache server bound for
> the destination web server
> 4) The destination web server shows no hits in the access_log file
> 5) tcpdump on the web server shows packets arriving from the client
> IP address on port 80.
> 6) tcpdump on the web server shows packets leaving bound for the
> client IP

... and yet #4 ?

What *type* of packets? ICMP packet-too-large messages have a way of
disappearing silently on some networks, and in some versions of TPROXY

> 7) The client browser times out, receiving an HTML error from Squid
> reporting "Connection to <server ip> failed."
> 8) When the timeout occurs, the squid access log reports
> "TCP_MISS/504 4123 GET - DIRECT/
> text/html"

Just once or many times? the most common issue with TPROXY is
forwarding loops.

The other thing to look for is whether there is packet-level symmetry
in the network. Catching every single server->client packet at the WCCP
router and sending to Squid is critical.

> I've attached numerous files containing statuses of various things
> that need to be set, such as rp_filter sysctl values, output of "show
> ip wccp", the squid.conf file, the cisco configuration, and the
> contents of iptables.
> Any advice appreciated.
> Thanks,

Please update to squid-3.2 series if possible. There are some major
security vulnerabilities in transparent and intercepted traffic for
older versions. The latest releases will also help catch forwarding
loops better on intercepted traffic.

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