Re: [squid-users] Please help test a streaming problem through squid

From: Eliezer Croitoru <>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2012 14:06:46 +0200

On 11/8/2012 1:40 PM, Peter Olsson wrote:
> I'm sorry, I don't know much about streaming,
> but their requirement for playing the streams
> is Adobe Flash. And the commercial part which
> works is played in the same plugin player as
> the main part which doesn't work.
> Maybe I'm using the word stream in the wrong way?
> Maybe video clip is a better phrase in this case?
> When I right click in the Flash plugin that is
> failing to play the video clip, it says
> "Qbrick Professional:" and
> "OSMF Version: 1.0", if that has any relevance.
> The Flash plugin in my web browser is version
> 11.3.300.270.
> These video clips are free to view so if you have
> a proxy squid available you could try them.
> I don't think they are limited to Swedish clients,
> at least I don't see anything about limitations on
> their web.
> Thanks!
It's most likely RTMP.
If you can access the internet only using proxy you do have problem
since flash dosnt really support proxy settings.
There might be a way to create an rtmp proxy to use CONNECT for RTMP but
it's a very big thing.


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