Re: [squid-users] Re: delay pools and deny_info error messages

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 02:28:11 +1300

On 18/11/2012 1:41 a.m., dor eiram wrote:
> I have tried this several ways but the user never sees the error page
> when the limits are reached.. they just cannot browse anymore.. any
> help would be appreciated

deny_info operates when access is denied... thus its name. Delay pools
does not particularly deny anything, it just *delays* traffic I/O to
maintain a certain speed profile.

You need something like "http_access deny testuser".

For presenting it on some dynamic criteria like bandwidth exceeded we
generally use a external_acl_type helper to calculate the timing and
present an ERR response. With squid.conf containing something like this:
   external_acl_type foo ...
   acl testuser external foo
   http_access deny !testuser
   deny_info ... testuser


> On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 9:58 PM, dor eiram <> wrote:
>> how does one get deny_info error messages to work with delay pools so you
>> can message the user that they have reached their bandwidth limits. i have
>> tried the config below which stops the user from browsinng once the limit is
>> reached but never triggers the error message
>> acl testuser proxy_auth test
>> deny_info ERR_NO_BW testuser
>> delay_pools 1
>> delay_class 1 1
>> #256 Kbit/s fill rate, 1024 Kbit/s reserve
>> delay_parameters 1 32000/128000
>> delay_access 1 allow testuser
>> delay_access 1 deny all
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